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Thank You Mom

What can I say? P&G did it again. I have been in love with this campaign ever since I first saw it during the Sochi Olympics in 2014. I am so happy that P&G is continuing with a mother theme for Rio 2016 Olympics. It has everything you could possibly want in a tear-jerker. It brings back childhood memories, inspires you to keep trying despite life getting you down, and most of all: it inspires you to pick up that phone and call your mum.

In this day and age, it is also getting harder to find a cause we can all rally behind. Mothers, however, are a universal theme that we can all support. Who can hate a campaign appreciating our dearest mothers? Exactly. No one.

The diversity in this ad is also stunning and I am pleased to see it executed in such a beautiful – not forced – way. The music and sound effects are beautiful and suspenseful. It is hard for me to find anything wrong with this ad – and judging from the YouTube comments… I am not the only one:

The timing of this campaign is also something worth mentioning (and in case you all forgot) it is soon going to be Mother’s Day! May 8th is fast approaching and this couldn’t have come out at a better time (April 27th.)

Personally, this ad succeeded in tugging all the right heartstrings for me and I sure as hell am going to pick up that laptop and skype my mother as soon as our different time zones allow it!

What do you think about this ad? Do you think P&G should continue this campaign? Is it their best? Are you going to call your mother? You better.

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