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I Love The Whole World

Let’s get this straight: This is not a new ad. This ad was released in 2008 for Discovery Channel. However, this ad is so beautiful that I had to make a blog post dedicated to it.

This ad features a super catchy song, talent from the many shows that (used to be) featured on Discovery Channel, and even a cameo appearance by Stephen Hawking! It was inspiring, touching, and just incredibly uplifting. This just might be my all-time favorite ad!

By showcasing the most popular shows in the ad, the viewer got a preview of what content they could be experiencing if they were watching Discovery Channel. This ad effectively encouraged more users to pick up their remotes and switch over to exciting content.

Furthermore, the positive message in the ad might be the best part of it. It is not often that we hear about the things that unite us anymore, and I hope that there will be more ads like this in the future.

While most brands opt for the more traditional approach of speaking only about their product or things related directly to their product: this ad spoke about the entire world! I believe it is essential that companies stop following the social movement where everyone seeks to divide as a form of searching for their uniqueness and instead look for ways to encourage connection, unity, and worldwide understanding.

The response to this commercial astounding:

I think it should be a social responsibility for brands to encourage positive change within communities, rather than ride on whatever social movement is popular at the time that could potentially be toxic. If a company can broadcast a message worldwide, then the message should be a positive one.

I hope to see more inspiring ads like this one in the future. Ads that stir something deep inside us all, that uplift us and encourage us to be better.

This ad was a sensational piece, and I hope everyone goes out there and experiences how beautiful the world can be.

What do you think about this ad? Do you think there should be more ads like this? Or perhaps this ad is a form of silencing societal problems? Is the song stuck in your head too?

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